Let’s Collaborate on Your Book

IndieGo Publishing is the brainchild of Janet Angelo, a longtime book editor who has edited solely for independent authors since 2005. Yes, that’s me! — the original IndieGo Publishing founded in 2011 as a natural outgrowth of my commitment to help authors achieve their publishing goals and dreams. I have many repeat clients who love my collaborative approach and open communication style. Many authors bring me repeat business, for which I am truly thankful.

The following beautiful testimonial from William Quigley, author of Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey, captures the essence of this partnership and collaboration on the fulfilling journey toward being a published author:

“A year ago I was searching for a good editor. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to find someone who could edit but also help me with the technical aspects of publishing. I knew I had a book. I knew there were some good parts to it. But the honest truth is that I didn’t know what I had or what to do to make the book a thing. I emailed you and about twenty-five other editors. Finally, it was down to three, and I picked you. It’s been an amazing journey, and now, I have a book with a beautiful cover, and it reads as well as anyone could make my words sound. (There’s a saying in photography that a great image happens before you push the button; all the tricks and bells and whistles can’t make an average image great.) It is so wonderful to read my words and to know that you made them sing. And for that I owe you far more than you could ever possibly know. I appreciate all of your effort and expertise. This book never would have happened without your help. I hope the world gets something valuable out of my book, and my words will matter to at least one future teacher. Thank you so much, Janet. What you have done for my book is indicative of the degree to which you care. You have been an advocate and a hand holder, and I thank you.”

Thank you, William, for your kind words. It was a joy and pleasure to perfect your book and help you present it to the world.

If you’re looking for an absolute perfectionist of an editor — someone who is talented, experienced, and collaborative — I would love to have the opportunity to earn your business too. I will work with you to make your book the best it can be. I’ve edited hundreds of books of all genres since 2005. You can learn more about my editing process here: Book Editing. On that page, you’ll see a clickable image titled Books Edited by Janet Angelo, which opens a slideshow in a separate tab. My Publishing Services page describes all the services I provide for a cost that is very reasonable compared to what you would spend if you purchased each service individually. I manage all the details of book publishing so that you can have peace of mind knowing that a dedicated professional is keeping everything on track, and you’re free to live your life and immerse yourself in creativity.

I was one of the first indie publishers to adopt the hybrid publishing model, even before it became known as such, and before specific guidelines were set forth by the IBPA. My indie-hybrid publishing model strikes the perfect balance between traditional publishing (where you’re lucky to earn 8% of your royalties) and self-publishing (where you can get lost in the morass of options coupled with a huge learning curve). IndieGo Publishing offers you the worldwide distribution of traditional publishing and initial book promotion and marketing initiatives to launch your book with success right out of the gate, but you have control over your books published with the largest retailers, and thus you will earn 100% of your retail royalties. I guide my authors through this process and make intelligent use of metadata, keywords, beta readers, and early reviews to enhance the book’s visibility and discoverability online. Learn more on my Publishing Services page.

I would love to help you achieve your publishing goals and dreams. Feel free to write to me at indiegopublishing@gmail.com to learn how I can tailor the publishing experience to your book. Let’s get started today!