IndieGo Publishing is at the right place at the right time

Self publishing has come into its own with the rise of ereaders and digital reading platforms of all kinds. Authors, your moment has arrived! It’s time to pull out those old, typed manuscripts, dust off that out-of-print book, and find that Word doc manuscript buried somewhere in your computer, and get your writing published today!

There is no longer any reason to suffer through the “character-building” process of receiving multiple rejection letters from traditional publishers and seeing your manuscript tossed on the slush pile after receiving only a five-second cursory read by an overworked acquisitions editor.

Maybe you’ve already self published a book and watched it languish before drifting into obscurity because the vanity press didn’t make sure your writing was professionally edited, your manuscript properly formatted, or your cover designed creatively. You might have even been published through a traditional publishing house, only to watch as your book disappeared from store shelves within months because you’re not a ‘big-name’ author, and before you knew it, your book was considered out of print.

There was a time when having an out of print book seemed like a death knell to an author, but now it means you are unleashed and freer than ever because you have full ownership of the rights to republish it as you see fit!

IndieGo Publishing is here to help you craft your manuscript into the best possible finished product it can be. Have a look around the site and then contact us today. We love our authors and look forward to working in partnership with you. Please keep in mind that we do not publish all manuscripts we read. We are choosy because we believe in quality in the written word, in the content and the writing.

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