Collaboration: a joyful process between author and editor

Some writers take offence at even the politest news of imperfections in their work. I have often pondered that of all the creative types of people in the world, writers tend to be the most sensitive to having their worked touched, tweaked, or improved in any way.

If you’re a writer and you struggle with this, keep in mind that the creative process has several layers and iterations in and of itself. This is true whether you are composing a musical piece, painting, sculpting, sewing a dress, renovating a home–and most of those working in other creative occupations not only understand the benefit of input and tweaking and correcting and starting over, but seek it out in the form of collaboration with other creatives whose input they value because they know that collaboration usually improves the final outcome.

Maybe it is because writers tend to work in solitude and live in their head, so to speak, lost in another world during the writing process, and tend to have introverted personalities. (I am like this to a certain extent, which is why I love editing.)

A wise writer seeks out an editor who is creative and analytically astute, because then the process of perfecting the manuscript is a truly joyful, collaborative effort with no egos involved, since both parties are focused on the betterment of the book as the ultimate goal.

My son is very creative musically, and he understands this completely. When he collaborates with his musical friends, quite often something he has composed/written changes dramatically, or perhaps the music will find its own new incarnation, and he loves it when that happens because he knows they are all working for the greater good of creating the best music possible.

The author/editor relationship should function the same way: It is a collaborative process filled with joy and anticipation as both parties strive to make the published book the best it can be.

Janet Angelo 🙂
Editor and Publisher
IndieGo Publishing

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