INDIEGO | Our Brilliance. Your Success!

Hi, I’m Janet Angelo, the CEO, Publisher, and Editor of INDIEGO PUBLISHING. I formed my publishing company in 2011 as a natural outgrowth of my commitment to help authors achieve their publishing goals and dreams. I have many repeat clients who appreciate my collaborative approach and open communication style. Many authors bring me repeat business, for which I am truly thankful.

If you’re looking for an absolute perfectionist of an editor — someone who is talented, experienced, and collaborative — I would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. I will work with you to make your book the best it can be, and I’m very experienced at editing a book so that it’s publication ready, not merely copy-edited. You can learn more about my collaborative editing process on the INDIEGO Editing page.

My Publishing Services page describes the full suite of publishing products and services I provide for a cost that is very reasonable compared to what you would spend if you purchased each service individually. This includes:

* unique ISBNs for each version of the book

* copyright registration in your name

* assignment of a Library of Congress number

* compilation of Cataloging-in-Publication information for your copyright page

* brilliant cover design

* beautiful book interior design

* social media banners to match your cover design

* ebook formatting

* metadata compilation

* audiobook production (additional fee)

* publishing your book with Ingram Book Group to establish worldwide wholesale distribution with a wider reach than just KDP/Amazon

* advertising on Goodreads

* listing in the Ingram Advance wholesale marketing catalog sent to booksellers worldwide

* publication of a press release

* guidance through the beta reader and early reviewers process to spark initial sales and to keep the momentum going

…and much more!

The difference between doing it all yourself and letting INDIEGO be your publishing partner?

Self-publishing can be a daunting experience with a steep learning curve. Often it’s a matter of not knowing what you don’t know. That’s where I can help you! I project-manage every aspect of publishing your book to give you the peace of mind knowing that a dedicated professional is keeping everything on track, and you’re free to live your life, focus on your career, and immerse yourself in the creative pursuit of writing. I will keep you informed at every step in the process.

INDIEGO PUBLISHING offers the best of both worlds, traditional publishing and self/indie publishing: the worldwide distribution of traditional publishing as well as initial book promotion and marketing initiatives to launch your book with success right out of the gate, but you will upload your book files to your own KDP account and you will earn 100% of your retail royalties, plus 50% of wholesale revenues through Ingram. I make smart use of metadata, keywords, initial marketing, beta readers, and early reviews to enhance your book’s relevance and visibility online. Learn more on my Publishing Services page.

I would love to help you achieve your publishing goals and dreams. You can learn more about me by viewing my LinkedIn profile. Write to me at to discover how I can tailor the publishing experience to your book. Let’s get started today!