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Thank you for considering me for the treasured role of being your book editor. I love editing books to perfection, and I enjoy the collaborative process of working closely with my authors to make their books the best they can be. Many authors have told me that I’m the best editor they’ve ever worked with, and several have given me repeat business. Because of my extensive experience as an editor (fourteen years and hundreds of books), I have the unique ability to catch small errors while solving big-picture problems such as plot holes and weak character development. I am naturally intuitive at understanding what an author is struggling to say, and my edits perfect the writing without diluting the author’s voice. To see a list of the published books I’ve edited since 2005, please click on the image below that says Books Edited by Janet Angelo. 🙂

My standard editing rate is three cents per word ($.03 x total original word count divided into two or three installment payments). When you’re ready for me to edit your manuscript, I will collect the first half of the editing fee. As I edit the book, I will correct the basics such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure while focusing on the overall needs of the book, inserting additional bits of writing as needed, and notes with suggestions for revisions, deletions, or questions if your intended meaning isn’t clear. I am well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style and adhere to its guidelines, but I am realistic enough to bend some of its stylistic rules if an author has a unique style of writing that s/he wants to retain. To put it simply, I do everything your book needs to be publication ready: copy editing, developmental editing, and proofreading.

I am very skilled at helping authors determine chapter divisions, chapter titles, the rearrangement of text as needed to enhance narrative flow, and at solving issues that are often challenging for an author to “see” because you’ve been looking at your manuscript for so long, revising and re-revising. Authors often tell me that my notes spark new ideas and help them determine exactly how to improve troublesome sections of their books.

When I get to each quarter point in the book, I will email it to you along with my notes. I will send you two versions of the edited manuscript: one showing all the editing marks using track changes, and a clean copy that has all the edits incorporated into it. When you go over my work and send me your notes and revisions, I will input those into my master copy of the edited manuscript and do a second light edit of the first half. At this point, I will collect the second half-payment of the editing fee and continue editing to the end, repeating the entire process as described above.

If you do any additional writing in excess of 1,000 words, I will charge $35.00 per hour to edit those revisions. This is a necessary practice, as good editing often reveals the need for revisions to perfect a book, which results in additional writing.

For an additional $.005 per word (half a cent per word; ex. 47,000 words x $.005 = $235), I will also proofread the edited manuscript and make an advance read copy as a watermarked pdf for your beta readers. This step includes correcting any remaining straggling errors that your beta readers might find, so that you will have a flawlessly edited book to publish. **If you choose to publish your book with INDIEGO, proofreading is included at no extra cost.

Feel free to write to me at to inquire about having your book edited. I am especially interested in historical fiction and nonfiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, biographies and memoirs, and travel/nature writing, but my extensive experience is multi-genre and includes fiction and nonfiction. I really enjoy working collaboratively with authors throughout the entire creative process of editing their books.

All the best!

Janet Angelo
Editor | Book Designer | Publisher

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