Happy Authors

I have received numerous emails of praise and thanks from the authors whose books I’ve edited over the years. I strive for all of my authors to be thrilled with my work!

“I am a busy mother and professional who has published two books, one through a larger self-publishing service and my second through IndieGo Publishing with Janet Angelo. Janet’s services stand out from the rest for many reasons, and I am thoroughly pleased with the results. She offers that great balance of close and timely involvement but with enough space for my own creative process and busy schedule. With IndieGo Publishing, I received multiple layers of editing including developmental editing to help me with the flow of ideas and overall construction, as well as copyediting for grammar and punctuation. She educated me about how to market my book successfully and offered creative suggestions about interior and exterior design that were very important to my own process and the final product. Working with Janet, I have developed a creative relationship to walk through the entire process of publishing and to support the final product. I already have an idea for my next book and can’t wait to publish with Janet in the future. I recommend her without reservation.” – Theresa Regan, Soul Cries and Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults

“An author often stands so close to the story that you literally can’t see the gaps and the inconsistencies even after multiple overhauls. This is where your editor pulls you up short and steers you in the right direction. Of course you know your story. Of course you know the characters, but your editor knows what the reader can figure out, what needs to be said, and what is just a distraction. Of course you’ll want to keep your voice; a good editor knows that, and Janet is such an editor. Working with Janet has taught me that you have to keep a dialogue going on all manner of things if the book is to end up being the best it can be. Janet’s knowledge and experience of the publishing industry has been invaluable in shaping my books and my writing.” – Patrick G. Cox, A Baltic Affair, Limehouse Boys, Magnus Patricius: The Remarkable Life of St Patrick the Man, and the Harry Heron Series

“Janet was an exceptionally involved and dedicated editor. Her encouragement throughout the process of editing made it an enjoyable phase. I liked how she was careful that my book retains its multicultural flavor, and she added to its uniqueness rather than take away anything. I changed the ending based on her suggestion and definitely made it a better book than before. She was sensitive of deadlines, kept me informed of her progress and had a keen eye for detail. I was lucky to have her as an editor early on in my writing career.” – Smita Battacharya, He Knew a Firefly

“Publishing is an exciting adventure, especially for the first-time author. In my transition from writer to published author, I first used the world’s largest self-publishing platform to publish my first book in the Unfallen Series. I had to make all kinds of decisions that I was not qualified to make, and I knew it. I decided to publish Sephora’s Revenge with Janet, but I also decided to republish The Queendom of Evlantis with her. It has been a wonderful experience. I am no longer making decisions I am not qualified to make (guessing). Instead, Janet has been there every step of the way to offer the benefit of her many years of publishing wisdom. With “the giant” I was navigated through a myriad of cafeteria type services. With Janet, I am always in touch with the one person who oversees all the details of publishing, leaving me more time to write. I could write a novella about Janet’s virtues: her empathy, her expertise, her insight, her sense of humor, her accountability, her compassion, her flexibility, her creativity, her vision, her friendship…. It would be impossible to quantify the advantages of switching from an indie-giant to an indie-genius. My books are better with Janet Angelo’s expertise than they were before I hired her. Janet has a vested interest in my success, and her contributions to my tales are priceless.” – Juliet Y. Mark, The Queendom of Evlantis and Sephora’s Revenge

“Think of editing as polishing an already beautiful stone to make it a gleaming diamond … this is how Janet explained to me her work as an editor and, for a new author, this was just what I wanted to hear! Janet came highly recommended through a UK publishing house and I can honestly say I was extremely happy with the care and professional approach she displayed whilst remaining extremely personable and easy to converse with.” – Kay Lundy, All for You and Malta

“I have been working with Janet for almost three years. She is reliable, capable and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend her service to anyone who needs professional editing.” – Joseph Rodarick Law, Living Greatness

“I am very pleased that I chose Janet Angelo of IndieGo Publishing to edit and publish my new book, Courage of the Spirit. Not only has she edited the text with fine detail, cleaning errors and making sure that the language flows, but she has also made recommendations that make sure the context flows as well. In addition, as a publisher, she has made sure that the text matches the formatting of the different ebook and print companies, supervised the quality for best results, and given me tools to help make for a successful launch. I could never have navigated these pitfalls on my own nor waited forever for a major publishing house to discover me. Thank you, Janet.” – Norbert Weinberg, Courage of the Spirit

“Janet, you wisely suggested that I get in touch with the Spirit of Blackjack Mountain, which I was able to do quite by happy accident. They heard about my book, got a copy, and were absolutely thrilled. They want to put the book on their website to help feed the wild Mustangs. My book is doing far above my immediate expectation for only being out one month.”  – Vickie L. Peach Wilkins, If Horses Could Talk: Tails of Two Mustangs

I just wanted to thank you for your editing. It is very thorough and will take me a couple of days to go through everything. Your editorial letter was excellent. You described everything I was trying to achieve by publishing the book. You said that after reading this manuscript you will forever have Essiac as part of your vocabulary when discussing or dealing with cancer! I really appreciate it.” –  Caroline DeHard Bennett, I Want to Live Using Essiac

“Janet, I really appreciate the personal service you offer. It was so reassuring to communicate with one person rather than a company, and know that to you, I was a person rather than a faceless number. Thank you for your endless patience in guiding me step by step from start to finish when my insufficient knowledge of computer technology was holding things up. I know you put a lot of time into getting the manuscript just right for publication, and thanks to you, the final creation looks fabulous. As if that wasn’t sufficient, you went on to create not just one eBook but several different formats to cover all eventualities to make my book as widely available as possible. Many, many thanks for everything!” – Catherine McClintock, Brazil through Irish Eyes

“The time has come for me to congratulate you. You are brilliant! I am absolutely amazed and delighted with everything that you have done and contributed, the degree that you have absorbed yourself into the messages, and the additional research and inclusion of your own knowledge, particularly in chapter seven. I am in awe!” – Simon Frost, The Eating Enigma

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