10 Seconds That Changed My Life – Iain M. MacLeod

Imagine a simple thing like a round stone underfoot or an unnoticed overhead danger, and how quickly life can take a dramatic turn. For Iain MacLeod, it was a slippery mattress cover. “Billions of people get out of bed every day without any problem, but when I got out of bed that day, it went horribly wrong,” says MacLeod, a Scotsman with Cerebral Palsy. “I was disabled and wheelchair-bound before the accident, but I lived independently, owned my own home, and enjoyed long drives in my adapted cars. After that fateful morning, my life changed forever.” Iain has a deep understanding of what it means to live with CP, yet even as he navigated the various stages following his accident, from hospital stays to semi-recovery, he found deep gratitude and solace in his fellow patients, caretakers and the beauty of the Scottish countryside, which inspired his original poems interspersed throughout the book. His memoir draws us into the experience of those who live with a physical disability, and it speaks to the challenges they must overcome on a daily basis. Iain MacLeod’s strength of character and fortitude shine through every page of 10 Seconds That Changed My Life as he copes with a life-altering event. Step into his world and dwell within the poetic inspiration of gratitude that comes from accepting life head-on with hope, resilience, and joy despite hardships and setbacks.