Girl, Be You! 7 Strategies to Activate Your Authenticity – France Neptune

In her flagship book, Girl, Be You! 7 Strategies to Activate Your Authenticity, France Neptune, founder of the Edify Your Sister® Movement, challenges, encourages, and equips you to:

* Define your unique, authentic self

* Push beyond the pain of past hurts to experience true healing

* Courageously pursue your passion and purpose

* Confidently walk in who God created you to be

And more!

Ladies, it’s time to stop living in someone else’s shadow. Be you! Activate your authenticity and chart a new path that looks forward and not backward. The best is yet to come.

France Neptune is the founder of the Edify Your Sister® movement, born out of her passion to help women and teen girls know their worth, discover their purpose, heal from past hurts, and walk in forgiveness. She is dedicated to helping girls and women strengthen their walk with God through empowerment events, videos, products, and literature. France enjoys laughter, reading, learning, meeting new people, fellowship, and encouraging others. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a graduate degree in Human Resources Management. France was born and raised in Connecticut, and has a son, her pride and joy.