Sephora’s Revenge – Juliet Y. Mark

Sephora's Revenge front cover only Sephora’s Revenge, Book Two in the Unfallen Series by Juliet Y. Mark, takes the reader back to the ancient Queendom for another dose of rampant women’s superiority. Following the upheaval in The Queendom of Evlantis, book one of the Unfallen Series, Sephora changes her strategy. Instead of the harpy-gone-wild approach that cost her dearly, she adopts a calculated application of evil to secure her position on the high throne. Ava has turned the city on its ear, and the women of the estrogen-empowered Queendom exercise the right to change their minds. As Ava, Rachel, and Hannah stay the course in championing the rights of men, Servus must overcome greater obstacles than a lack of equal rights to win the heart of the woman he loves. Filled with intrigue, humor, suspense, and romance, Sephora’s Revenge will resonate with any woman who has ever been a mother or a daughter, and any man who has ever felt trapped.