The Queendom of Evlantis – Juliet Y. Mark

The Queendom of Evlantis

The Queendom of Evlantis by Juliet Y. MarkTake an ancient city of six thousand women convinced that they’re the only civilization on earth, add men who are enslaved and forced to cater to their every whim, and throw in a dollop of political unrest. Bring in a mysterious stranger from outside the Queendom who upsets the status quo and you get a rollicking tale of mischief, mayhem, and catfights in the matriarchal Queendom of Evlantis. Amidst the uproar, Low Queen Sephora schemes to become the next High Queen using every tool in her arsenal, including gossip, subterfuge, and betrayal, while Servus plots to free the men so that he can win the heart of the woman he loves.