Into the Dark Into the Light – Sally Teggart

Into the Dark Into the Light by Sally Teggart

Sally Teggart had a happy childhood growing up in Northern Ireland, but a frightening, inexplicable occurrence happened at random times when she least expected it, causing her to have more than the usual fear of the dark that many children have. She blamed God for her father’s early death, but then a series of seemingly […]

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Courage of the Spirit – Norbert Weinberg

Courage of the Spirit by Norbert Weinberg

Courage of the Spirit by Norbert Weinberg portrays the spiritual struggle of one man during the first half of the twentieth century—the author’s father, Rabbi Dr. William Weinberg, who survived Nazi and communist tyranny to become the first State Rabbi of the community of Holocaust survivors in the German State of Hesse. Rabbi Weinberg’s journey […]

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Magnus Patricius: The Remarkable Life of St Patrick the Man – Patrick G. Cox

Written as a first-person narrative, this novel is a work of fictionalized biography, a genre defined as a person’s life story based on fact and enhanced by the author’s imagination. St Patrick is the most well-known saint in the world, but who was St Patrick, the man? Magnus Sucatus Patricius was born to a wealthy […]

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