Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive – Patrick G. Cox

In Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive, Book 4 of the Harry Heron Adventure Series, Harry and Ferghal lead a band of fugitives of the Fleet in a battle against the Consortium on Planet Lycania inhabited by the very canine-like Canids. There are three things you need to know about Harry Heron and Ferghal O’Connor: 1.) Born […]

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Harry Heron: No Quarter – Patrick G. Cox

In Harry Heron: No Quarter, Book Three in the series, Harry Heron and his best friend Ferghal O’Connor are cadets at Fleet College, eager to master their skills in preparation for commissioning to a ship. They’ve barely stepped foot on campus when they realize they’re targeted and sabotaged at every turn, but this doesn’t stop […]

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Harry Heron: Into the Unknown – Patrick G. Cox

A freak accident on board the HMS Spartan during a sea battle with the French navy in 1804 catapults Midshipman Harry Heron and his shipmates Ferghal O’Connor and Danny Gunn four hundred years into the future, landing them on the NECS Vanguard, flagship of the World Treaty Organisation Fleet. While Captain Blackwood and Major Heron […]

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