Published Books

I am editing and designing the following books and will publish them in autumn 2017:

 Legacy of Evlantis

~ Juliet Y. Mark

Book Three in the Unfallen series takes the reader to the ancient queendom of Liberty where the eternal woman Ava lives, works, loves, and makes her mark on *herstory* — but this time she experiences love like never before with Tavetti, who just happens to be Queen Maren’s king consort.


Harry Heron: No Quarter

~ Patrick G. Cox

This is the third book in the Harry Heron Adventure Series following the flagship book, Harry Heron: Midshipman’s Journey and Harry Heron: Into the Unknown.

We invite you to read those books now to get caught up on the story and be ready for new action when Harry Heron: No Quarter is published in November 2017.

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