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I am currently editing and soon will publish two new books:

There are so many opinions in the world today based on people’s interpretations of the Bible. Many Christian leaders convince others to become part of an organization or a movement rather than being a disciple of Jesus. In the midst of all this confusion, the teachings of Jesus are overlooked and forgotten. Be a Disciple, Make a Disciple: Following Jesus’s Example is 100 percent about Jesus Christ: who He is, what He taught about being His disciple, and what He and His early apostles showed by their example of how to mentor and guide others to be disciples of Jesus. Frantz Lamour shares with his readers what Jesus has taught him about discipleship through the Scriptures. It is his hope that by reading the pure truths of God’s Word quoted within this book, and by trusting the Holy Spirit to help you understand and apply them to your life, you will become a true disciple of Jesus and lead others to a fruitful walk with Christ. (Paperback – 9781946824196. Hardback – 9781946824202. Ebook – 9781946824219. Library of Congress Control Number – 2018943589)

The Harry Heron Adventure Series by Patrick G. Cox continues in Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive, book 4 in the series. (Paperback – 9781946824226. Hardback – 9781946824233. Ebook – 9781946824240. LCCN – forthcoming)

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