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7 Life-Giving Words to Live YOUR Best Life – Frantz Lamour

7 Life-Giving Words to Live Your Best Life is a blueprint to help you live what you deserve: your BEST LIFE. As a licensed psychotherapist, author Frantz Lamour witnesses firsthand the effort it takes to rise above everything that tries to keep us down. We want to live our best life, but sometimes we don’t know how. Just when we’re about to give up, we discover hope and guidance in God’s life-giving words. Through seven practical lessons and relevant scriptures on words of love, forgiveness, healing, salvation, authority, peace, and grace, 7 Life-Giving Words to Live Your Best Life will breathe new resilience and energy into your daily walk and help you master the art of living your best life one day at a time.


Lost You Found Me – France Neptune

Rachel thought she and Dennis were the perfect couple. So handsome and fine, he was her first love, a dream come true, and the first boy to tell her she was beautiful. It wasn’t long before she was head over heels. When he told her that he couldn’t live without her, it felt like fate, but Rachel hadn’t counted on Dennis’s bad side—his constant lies and deception, the other women he kept secret, his insults and put-downs. Holding on to the hope that things would get better, Rachel stayed with him and rode the emotional roller coaster, determined to make their relationship work, until the day came when she couldn’t take it another minute. Decisions were made that put a chain of events into motion that she never would’ve imagined she’d be capable of surviving.

Girl, Be You! 7 Strategies to Activate Your Authenticity – France Neptune


In her flagship book Girl, Be You! 7 Strategies to Activate Your Authenticity, France Neptune, founder of the Edify Your Sister® Movement, challenges, encourages, and equips you to:

  • Define your unique, authentic self
  • Push beyond the pain of past hurts to experience true healing
  • Courageously pursue your passion and purpose
  • Confidently walk in who God created you to be

And more!

Ladies, it’s time to stop living in someone else’s shadow. Be you! Activate your authenticity and chart a new path that looks forward and not backward. The best is yet to come.

France Neptune is the found of the Edify Your Sister® movement, born out of her passion to help women and teen girls know their worth, discover their purpose, heal from past hurts, and walk in forgiveness. She is dedicated to helping them strengthen their walk with God through empowerment events, videos, products, and literature. France enjoys laughter, reading, learning, meeting new people, fellowship, and encouraging others. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a graduate degree in Human Resources Management. France was born and raised in Connecticut, and has a son, her pride and joy.

The audiobook version of Harry Heron: Into the Unknown by Patrick G. Cox

Harry Heron: Into the Unknown continues the exciting story begun in Harry Heron: Midshipman’s Journey, the flagship book in the series. A freak accident on board the HMS Spartan during a sea battle with the French navy in 1804 catapults Midshipman Harry Heron and his shipmates Ferghal O’Connor and Danny Gunn four hundred years into the future, landing them on the NECS Vanguard, flagship of the World Treaty Organisation Fleet. While Captain Blackwood and Major Heron sort out the mystery and determine whether the young men are alive or dead, Harry and his friends are faced with the challenge of learning new roles aboard a spaceship. Just as they have found their footing, they are called upon to assist the Fleet in a rescue mission on the planet Pangaea, giving them the opportunity to prove that their unique skills from the past are still very relevant in the far distant future.

There are three things you need to know about Harry Heron and Ferghal O’Connor:

1.) Born in the late 1700s, they catapulted through time and space from the gun deck of the HMS Spartan during a sea fight with the French in 1804 to the starship NECS Vanguard in 2204.

2.) Best friends since their boyhood in Ireland, they’re smart, savvy, and fearless, as loyal to each other as they are to the British Royal Navy and the North European Confederation Fleet.

3.) A juggernaut of wits, wit, and boundless energy, they show the twenty-third century how it’s done when it comes to outwitting the Consortium, navigating any type of ship, and harnessing artificial intelligence to their keen advantage.

10 Seconds That Changed My LifeIain M. MacLeod

10 Seconds That Changed My Life Iain M MacLeod“Thursday, June 15, 2017, will be embedded in my memory forever,” says author Iain MacLeod. “I greeted the summer day eager to face the world with my usual free-spirited independence, and ended the day lying in the Intensive Care unit of a hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland, with a ventilating tube down my throat. Billions of people get out of bed every day without any problem, and that had been true my entire life despite being a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy since the age of three. But when I got out of bed that fateful morning, everything went horribly wrong.” In his book 10 Seconds That Changed My Life, Iain inspires with his realistic, heartfelt writing and original poems of his beloved Scotland. He captures the various stages of his hospital experience as well as his personal journey through joy and sorrow, frustration and elation, and the reality of coming home to a new normal. By writing and publishing this book, he hopes to encourage those with special needs to never give up, and to always remember that they are able, not disabled, and have unique abilities to share with the world.

Iain MacLeod enjoys a full and active life. One of his favourite hobbies is playing chess. He also enjoys listening to music, and appreciates a wide spectrum of musical genres and styles, from classical to heavy metal. Iain is a graduate of Open University and is currently working toward  his PhD. His first book, 10 Seconds That Changed My Life, puts forward a disabled person’s perspective on life, learning, and the uniqueness of human abilities. Enjoy the lovely Scottish accent of Toni Frutin, program announcer for BBC Scotland and narrator of the audiobook version of 10 Seconds That Changed My Life.

Daisy Has AutismAaron J. Wright

Daisy Has Autism tells the story of one family’s harrowing experience with public special education, and captures the story universally experienced by millions of special needs families. In sleepy Davis, California, the Russell family remarkably find themselves first navigating the complexities of autism with their dog and then with their daughter. While seeking to enroll their daughter in special education at their local public school, the Russells quickly find themselves at odds with a school district determined to escape its responsibilities. What they experience, and how they prevail, will resonate with every parent who has struggled to have their special needs child appropriately served. Aaron J. Wright is the product of a public education and a member of a family deeply entrenched in public education. He is a Nurse Practitioner and the parent of two children, one with autism. Professionally he has worked with severely injured adults and children for nearly two decades. Outside of work, he has been a staunch advocate for disabled students in public education and youth sports. He firmly believes in the benefits of a public education and access. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family and three distinctly different dogs.

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