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Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey – William Quigley

In his book Joy Bliss This, William Quigley tells the story of becoming a teacher, a journey he never planned to take, and one that was filled with repeated failure from the start. At his lowest point, when he had fallen the farthest and needed the most help, his students were the ones who saved […]

Courage of the Spirit by Norbert Weinberg

Courage of the Spirit – Norbert Weinberg

Courage of the Spirit by Norbert Weinberg portrays the spiritual struggle of one man during the first half of the twentieth century—the author’s father, Rabbi Dr. William Weinberg, who survived Nazi and communist tyranny to become the first State Rabbi of the community of Holocaust survivors in the German State of Hesse. Rabbi Weinberg’s journey […]

Into the Dark Into the Light by Sally Teggart

Into the Dark Into the Light – Sally Teggart

Sally Teggart had a happy childhood growing up in Northern Ireland, but a frightening, inexplicable occurrence happened at random times when she least expected it, causing her to have more than the usual fear of the dark that many children have. She blamed God for her father’s early death, but then a series of seemingly […]