Children’s Books

A Wonderful Day – Wes Husted

A Wonderful Day by Wes Husted, filled with bright colorful illustrations on every page, will capture your child’s imagination while teaching the Christian values of empathy, kindness, and sharing. Emma and her brother Noah take off into the woods for a day of fun and adventure, but they get lost! Soon they meet a talking […]

Zach and Sprocket’s Great Adventure – Wes Husted

Zach wants to spend his summer hanging around the house, but his mom challenges him to play outside and use his imagination. Zach is convinced this will be the most boring summer ever until his best buddy Sprocket, a bullfrog, comes up with the exciting idea to fly a spaceship to heaven, and his good […]

How to Answer Kids’ Questions about God, Jesus, and the Bible – Wes Husted

It is my prayer that this small parents’ guide and its companion children’s books, A Wonderful Day and Zach and Sprocket’s Great Adventure, will help you to answer your children’s questions about God, Jesus, and other topics in the Bible so that you and they will come to know Jesus in a more personal way. […]