Fantasy Fiction

The Queendom of Evlantis – Juliet Y. Mark

The Unfallen Series begins in The Queendom of Evlantis where women rule and men are forced to cater to their every whim. Low Queen Sephora takes action to steal beloved High Queen Rachel’s throne. A naïve mysterious stranger with unusual abilities becomes entangled in the political unrest, while Servus, the self-proclaimed King of Slaves, plots […]

Sephora’s Revenge – Juliet Y. Mark

The Unfallen Series continues in Sephora’s Revenge. Following the upheaval in The Queendom of Evlantis, Sephora adopts a calculated application of evil to secure her position as High Queen. Ava, who has revealed the truth about her origin and abilities to a select few, works closely with Rachel and her allies to stay the course […]

Portals: Child of the Scroll – David Goldwasser

For centuries, Master Wizard Trebb and the wizards of light have saved humans from utter annihilation, but time is running out in their struggle against darkness. The ancient scrolls prophesy that a champion will arise to defeat Verdex and his legions of dark wizards. Trebb discovers that this champion is an eighteen-year-old girl named Lissa. […]

Darker Days – David Goldwasser

The child of the scroll has defeated the supreme dark wizard Verdex, a battle that has left her in a coma for six months. As she awakens, Lissa’s ears ring with the voices of the portals. She has one last chance to bring balance to light and dark, or she will be overtaken by death. […]

Light’s Keep – David Goldwasser

Light’s Keep is under siege. Master Trebb’s life is threatened, and Lady Ibbob must rally her war wizards to hold back the onslaught of Tfeik’s banished wizards. Lissa and Nicholas wrestle against the dark control of Relith in ancient Mesopotamia at Gobekli Tepe and the underground city of Derinkuyu before the hourglass sends them to […]